Mental Fitness Just Important Physical Fitness

  Psychology is often the hardest concept of fitness, to become physically and mentally fit can be challenging to say the least. I would have to say that mentally fit is more important than the physical factor and definitely more of a challenge. Starting new training programmes is great fun, maintaining the motivation to carry ...READ MORE

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About Meditation


Are you looking for a way to calm your body, sharpen your mind and experience a greater level
of happiness and purpose? Do you long for an activity you can do that will achieve all three of
these things? Look no more, because meditation is the answer you’ve been seeking.

What it is

Meditation is when you sit silently and focus solely on your breathing. It’s a way to stop all the
clutter and chaos...

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Resistance Band Exercise Forward Arm Circles


Resistance Band Exercise Forward Arm Circles

Great rehabilitation exercise for shoulder recovery. Aims at strengthening the joint in all planes of motion. 

1. Hold on the handles with palm grip.  Stand slight bend at knee back facing the door. Keep a slight bend at elbow with  arms stable throughout exercise. 

2.Pull handles away from door fully extended above the head until you reach maximum...

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Abs exercises don’t give you abs.


“Will doing lots of ab exercises give you abs ?” Lots of people have asked the same question.

Unfortunately the answer looks bleak for all the ab exercisers out their. Researchers at Southern Illinois University found that exercising with only ab exercises won’t give you abs.

The research made people perform 14 set of different ab exercises 5 days a week. The research took a duration of 6 weeks,...

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How to run faster – Speed Increase Training

Increase your speed and explosive power training.

Get the right products and training for speed and power development on the pitch.  Power chute and resistance band training are great ways that can help you develop your speed in sprinting sports.

  • Football
  • Rugby
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Hockey
  • MMA
Ideal for every sport you need explosive speed reaction movements.

Increasing your own speed has always...

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Best way to exercise for fitness and health

Best way to exercise

Changing from upper body to lower body exercises can increase cardio-fitness. This in turn will have more positive effects and will move your blood faster and more efficiently around the body, helping you to burn fat better and increase energy levels.

Total body exercises like burpees, squat jumps and deadlifts are a great way to add extra intensity to your programme. They are...

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Review – skype personal training


I’ve been doing Skype personal resistance band training with Rene for a couple of months now and it has been a great experience!

I had never used Skype before and certainly never had a personal trainer, but Rene quickly put me at my ease and took a lot of trouble to find out what was the right exercise programme for me. Even now, my programme is very flexible and he will...

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