Gluten-Free Protein Supplements

A gluten-free diet may be adopted by individuals suffering from celiac disease or those who have allergies pertaining to wheat. Celiac disease is categorised by poor food absorption and intolerance of gluten, a protein in wheat and wheat products. Malabsorption in the small bowel comes from atrophy of the villi and a decrease in the ...READ MORE

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Detoxing: A Quick Practical Guide

Detoxing A Quick Guide

Detoxing: A Quick Practical Guide As a general rule, if a diet delivers a variety of foods from each group, it is likely ample for vitamins and minerals. However, if the diet eliminates an entire food group, specific nutrients may be lacking (as in the case with detoxing). For instance, omission of meat from the ...READ MORE

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Make your Own Isotonic Sports Drink

Making your Own Isotonic Learning to make your own supplements has to be one of the best skills you can achieve. Knowing the true ingredients in what your eating or drinking in this day and age is essential. One of the easiest ways to save your hard earned money is to start making your our ...READ MORE

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Why Breakfast is So Important

 Healthy smoothie recipes

Are you the type of person that runs around in the morning and always leaves the house without putting any nourishment in your tummy first? Or, maybe you roll out of bed with just enough time to walk out the door, not bothering to eat breakfast before you do.

Well, if you aren’t taking the time to get some food in your belly first thing in the morning, you’re missing out on a lot of important...

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Top 5 Natural Protein Smoothie Recipes

Top 5 Natural Protein Smoothie Recipes


Are you looking for a protein smoothie recipe that isn’t loaded with unnatural and bad-for-you substances? Would you like one that is just as pleasing to your taste buds as it is beneficial to your health and wellness?

Smoothies are great because they’re easy to make and very good for you at the same time. Plus, if you load them with protein, they keep you fuller longer so you don’t have to...

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Fresh Healthy Carrot, Beetroot and Orange Juice

Fresh Carrot  Beetroot and Orange juice

This is a great tasting juice full of goodness with fibre, minerals, beta- carotene and folate. Mixed natural vegetable and fruit juices are good for us in many ways, not only are they low calories and fats but also rich with vitamins. Making morning fresh juices  an ideal way to start your day !



Preparation time 5 minutes.Follow this recipe for small 4...

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Why Eating When You’re Down Isn’t a Good Idea


health chocolate

Have you ever reached for comfort foods when you’re feeling down in an attempt to feel better, even if just for a moment? Or, are you the person that goes to the kitchen when life spirals out of control? If so, you may just be making your bad times worse.

What Research Says

In a recent studyreleased by Penn State University in the U.S., it was uncovered that there is a direct correlation...

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Top 5 foods rich in vitamin E.jpg

Vitamin E Rich Foods and Health Information

Vitamin E Health Information

Toasting Almonds

In today’s health spotlight vitamins C and D get all the glamour, but what about their distant cousin vitamin E? Fat soluble vitamin E is actually a group of eight different compounds called tocopherols that together contain an abundance of health benefits.

Arguably the greatest benefit of vitamin E is its potent antioxidant power. These antioxidants, provided by...

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How Effective is Herbalife


Herbalife is a company that started selling health and fitness products (such as supplements and shakes) in 1980 that promise its consumers the ability to live a healthy lifestyle. They state that their focus is on keeping people active and in shape, both inside and out.

But, do they really live up to their claims?

Some say Herbalife is great

Studies have shown that Herbalife is extremely...

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What is a Smoothie and Why Smoothies are so Great

Why Smoothies Are Great

Smoothies are great because they contain lots of minerals and vitamins. Vitamins in the
smoothies help in activating the enzymes in the body. The enzymes work to the desired
potential only due to the vitamins. For absorption, digestion and conversion of food,
enzymes are required. At the cellular level, energy is produced by the enzymes. In the
body many important...

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Ultimate Protein Smoothie


  • 1 Cup Soy milk
  • 2 Diced and cored Apples,
  • Handful Raspberries
  • 1/2 Cup Yogurt
  • 1/4 Cup walnuts
  • 3 Ice cubes


  1. First rinse all fruit. Core the apple and cut into small cubes.
  2. Place ice then soy, apples , walnuts , yoghurt and raspberries for more sweetness
  3.  Blend until smooth , Place into glass and serve.

Best to drink your smoothie within 10 minutes after blending! If you don’t the...

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Apricot and mango smoothie recipe


This mango smoothie recipe is a great and ideal way to kick start your day with vitamins and nutrients.

Mango contains vitamin E this reduces the risk of cancer and cardiovascular illnesses.

Mango is rich in magnesium, calcium and carotene, all of which help maintain healthy skin and vision.

All ingredients are easy to find and inexpensive, the recipe given serves 2 people.You need a hand...

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