What Cheese is the Healthiest?


Weight Gain Snacks  

Do you try to cut cheese out of your diet in an attempt to get, or stay, in good health? Is it your belief that cheese is “the enemy”, meant to be avoided at all costs? If so, you may not be doing yourself as many favors as you would think.

Although it certainly isn’t something you can eat without complete abandon (the way you could vegetables, for instance), you don’t have to swear cheese off...

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Fitness Hobbies for Women


Would you like to have a fun, interesting hobby that also helps you drop a few pounds? Are you tired of spending all of your fitness time in the gym, performing the same routine day after day after day when you really want to engage in an activity that excites and electrifies you?

Fitness should be something that invigorates your mind just as much as it does your body. It should make you feel so...

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3 Reasons Why You Should Stop Yo-Yo Dieting Today


Do you go through periods of severe calorie restriction followed by binges where you’ll eat anything within reach? If you were to chart your weight over the last five years, would the graph look similar to a great new roller coaster ride, complete with high peaks and deep valleys?

If you answered yes to both of these questions, then you are probably a yo-yo dieter. Your eating patterns (and,...

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What Are Pedometers Used For?


Pedometers are those little digital gadgets that a lot of fitness enthusiasts wear on their waist. But, what exactly do they do and why are they used so prevalently amongst the fitness community?

First, and most basically, they count the number of steps you take in a day. Why does this matter? Research has shown that you’re healthiest when you take, on average, 10,000 steps or more in a 24 hour...

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How Film Stars Lose Weight


film start weight lossDo you ever watch a movie and admire the main characters for their ability to look so fit and trim? And, do you wonder how it is that they obtained that body? After all, even though they may be playing a superhero on the screen, they are still human, right?

Actors and actresses may look like they were born with the perfect physique, but most of them struggle with keeping their figure the same as...

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Mixed Leaf Salad


Mixed Leaf beetroot salad

Mixed salad – Rocket , mixed leaf, beetroot, cucumber & cherry tomato

  • 4 sliced cherry tomatoes
  • Handful Celery leaves chopped
  • Half a cucumber sliced
  • 1 Raw beetroot sliced
  • Handful rocket washed
  • Mixed leaf


  • 1 cup Yogurt
  • 1 tbsp honey
  • 2 tbsp lemon juice
  • 1 handful fresh chopped herbs
  • Salt and pepper pinch of each.


  1. Place  lettuce in a bowl and toss with fresh  vegetables.
  2. season...

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Fitness Holidays



As the nomenclature refers to, fitness holidays place emphasis on health and wellness by virtue of physical exercise and entertaining challenges (so as to boost one’s metabolism). Sedentary lifestyles can exacerbate health problems, particularly as one ages. So, by challenging yourself and having fun simultaneously, whether it’s hiking in the great outdoors, playing a recreational game of...

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Tips on Losing Weight


When it comes to weight loss a whole bible could be written with just tips. For sake of time and your sanity I am going to provide some simple and easy ones you can incorporate into your lifestyle.

Weight loss starts in the kitchen. Start drinking water, and I mean lots of it. The benefits of water for your health are endless, but drinking a lot of water will also keep you more full and away...

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What is dietary Fat

Dietary Fat

The human body has a small need of nutritional fat. It is projected that individuals ought to ingest no less than 3% of energy from omega-6 fatty acids (beneficial to one’s heart and found in nuts, seeds, oils, and meat) and 0.5% to 1% from omega-3 fatty acids (benefits comparable to omega 6 with sources consisting of fish, oils, and seeds) to avoid deficit. Even supposing the...

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Weight Loss


One of the ways people can accomplish fat loss is by revising dietary intake, chiefly the quantities and kinds of calories consumed. The straightforward way for one to alter his or her body composition is to modify the energy balance equation. The energy balance equation, when in stability, asserts that energy ingestion (i.e. food consumption) matches energy spending through normal metabolic...

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Help Achieving Your Dream Weight


Helping you Achieve Your Dream Weight
People often try diets and weight loss programs to lose weight, when the truth of the matter this is not the best way to achieve your goal. In order for your body to lose weight you must first adjust exercise routine. If you want to burn more fat and lose weight you need to build muscle. Diets and weightloss programs work but often they don’t remove the fat...

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