3 All Natural Ways to Deal with Anxiety


There are times when we all feel anxious. Maybe you have a very important business meeting that must go right or perhaps you’re waiting to hear if you’re preapproved for your first home loan. While it’s natural to have some excited tension during times such as these, the problem comes in when you experience excessive amounts of anxiety over a continual period of time with no relief in sight.


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Think Your Way Healthy

Think Your Way Healthy

Have you ever noticed that the more you think about how bad you feel, the worse your symptoms get? It’s like the more you focus on your achy body, pounding head and complete lack of energy, the stronger these feelings become.

Why does this happen and, maybe more importantly, what can you do to stop it?

The Correlation Between Thoughts and Health

A lot of research has been...

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How Effective is Herbalife


Herbalife is a company that started selling health and fitness products (such as supplements and shakes) in 1980 that promise its consumers the ability to live a healthy lifestyle. They state that their focus is on keeping people active and in shape, both inside and out.

But, do they really live up to their claims?

Some say Herbalife is great

Studies have shown that Herbalife is extremely...

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Weight Loss from Walking


Weight Loss from Walking


Do you wonder if it’s possible to lose weight just by walking? In other words, can you drop the extra pounds you’ve been carrying around simply by putting one foot in front of the other?

Some people are under the impression that you’ll only lose weight if you engage in a more rigorous form of exercise, such as jogging or running. However, walking can be just as...

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How to Start Cycling for Fitness


Are you interested in cycling to get into shape and not quite sure where, or how, to start? Do you like the idea of pedaling your way to fitness and want some help to make sure you go about it in a way that promotes safety and gets results?

Get the Right Bike

Obviously, the first thing you need when it comes to cycling is a bicycle. But, how do you pick the right one for you? Here are some...

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Best Foods for Diet

A well balanced diet is important for living a healthy and prosperous life. If your diet is not perfect then it can pose a great risk to your life. Eating junk food leads to obesity and several health related issues.

1) Green Tea

Green Tea is a natural diuretic, which means that it helps in cleansing the internal organs like kidney from unwanted toxins. It is also a very strong antioxidant....

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Easiest Ways to Lose Weight

To lose weight, there are many options. It is not easy to lose weight because you need to have great determination. To lose weight, you need to control your diet and you also have to exercise daily. Let us check some of the easiest ways to lose weight.


Crunches can be done at home to lose weight. Crunches will help you to lose fat from the abdomen area. To get six or eight pack abs,...

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Best Exercises for Fast Fat Burning


It is very difficult to burn fat at a faster rate but certainly it is not impossible. To burn fat
fast, you got to have a strict exercising regime along with a low fat and a low calorie diet.
You need to do the right exercise for burning the fat at a faster rate.

Let us check some of the best exercise for fast fat burning:

Ø Squatting – Do three sets of squatting. Each set should be done ten...

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How to Get Skinny

Ah, the American Dream – to be skinny. Who doesn’t want to live the life of a thin person? Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to worry about whether your clothes make you look fat or be self-conscious when you’re out and about in public?

Mental Adjustments

Many people who want to be thin try to approach the matter by making changes to their outside. They eat right and exercise in an attempt to lose...

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Diet Foods For Fitness and Health


You eat diet foods because you want to be healthy, right? But, what happens if it’s these low-
calorie low-fat foods that are actually the reason you’re not losing, or worse yet gaining, weight?

“Diet” Foods and Weight Gain

New research suggests that the very foods that are supposed to help you lose weight may actually
have the opposite effect. One study published in the Yale Journal of Biology...

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How to Lose Fat



Isn’t this the $25,000 question? How do you lose fat and, most importantly, never let it find you again?

There’s no question that the weight loss industry brings in billions of dollars every year because everyone out there claims to have “the solution.” Take this pill and you’ll drop the pounds. Try this gadget and your tummy will shrink before your very eyes.

If you’re like most dieters,...

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How do you Find Body Fat Percentage


 Measure Fat with a Fat Caliper


Fat calipers are the most accurate way to measure your body fat. They use the thickness of your skin and the underlying fat inmultiple locations on your body to calculate your total body fat percentage.

When using the calipers, there are a couple things you need to know. First, get help because you’re not going to be able to reach some of the areas. Second, tak...

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