Dairy diets can be good.


Looking to lose a few pounds in weight ?

New research has shown that you can lose weight with dairy products. You will need to cut back on eating certain foods and increase your diary.

The research has shown that milk and other dairy products can help you lose weight and promote muscular growth at the same time.

In Canada the researchers found that people whom exercised every day with a high...

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What are the reasons for increase your fitness and becoming more healthy?



Improvements not just of outer body but also the inner mind, making yourself more active and increasing energy levels, also helping you feel a happier person with less stress problems. Stress problems are the number one cause for binge eating and lack of exercise. Fitness will in turn increase your health, helping you live longer with a more positive outgoing passion and outlook on life. Not...

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What is the dukan diet ?


The Dukan diet was first founded in the early 1970’s by the French dietician and nutritionist Pierre Dukan.

Pierre Dukan  was an GP in Paris, he was the first person to tackle overweight and obesity without using the calorie counting method.

The book was recently translated and published in the UK 2010.

The Dukan is a high protein and low carb based diet, also its unisex diet which makes it...

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Make the outdoors your gym.


Park bench workouts

As the seasons begin to change from cold winter to hot summer it’s normally a good time to exchange your home workouts too  outdoor workouts.The adventure of green workouts can be greatly beneficial for all mind ,body and soul. You can do nothing but help feel in touch with nature when your exercising around flowers, green grass and trees.


Benches are brilliant...

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Increase energy levels with sauerkraut

Boost energy levels with sauerkraut







Sauerkraut is fermented white cabbage. Translated into English means ‘Sour cabbage’.

Sauerkraut is great for digestion problems and has a high source for good bacteria’s that can help our stomach.

Less energy is expended breaking down the food nutrients which in turn help with leaving you with more energy.

You can find different types of sauerkraut...

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How to change from bad habits to good habits.







Fitness health changes.

Fitness has a number of effects on the human body; both physical and metal benefits are gained from fitness – a feeling money can’t buy!

Weight loss starts at home and we need to look into our daily lifestyle and see what changes we can make and need to make.

Change is never too small. Remember, for success, the trick is not to take on all your challenges at...

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How to test fitness

How to test fitness

Do you want to test how fit you are?

Then test yourself, using the 1 minute sit-up test.

The Purpose for this test is to measure the combination of strength and endurance of the abdominal muscles by counting the number of reps achieved in one minute.

This is one of the easiest test routines for trainers and teachers, a simple test of muscle endurance and an easy way to see the development of...

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Interval training

Interval training is the quickest way to lose fat and get fit.

If you follow a few simple techniques when your conducting a training session,  you can double your reward and become fitter faster.

 In the warm up

when warming up get the heart at 50% max heart rate for 5 minutes, this will increase the body output ready for main exercise session.

 During the main

Interval is the key for the main...

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Eating fat, is it healthy or bad for us?


 Goodness from fat .







Fat is an essential nutrient in a balanced diet, we need fat for many different reasons. Firstly it supplies us with energy and essential nutrients, it helps by cushioning our bones from any damage and giving our body’s much needed warmth.

Fat is a major structural component of our cells and our membranes needed for growth and repair of tissues.

Is fat really...

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Carrot, ginger & cumin soup

Carrot, ginger  & cumin soup-  Vitamin C, antioxidants, beta carotene and low n fat

Healthy and fresh with flavors this soup, is great to impress family and friends at dinner parties or evening meals.

Easy recipe to follow, in under thirty minutes you can enjoy a great tasting soup, recipe followed gives 8-10 servings.


  • 1 kg carrots peeled & chopped
  • 1 cup orange juice
  • 3 large onions...

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Why diet, which diet and what diet.


Why do we diet?

A question that has a reasonable answer.

We diet so that we can lose weight! Obvious you might think, but often wrong. There is an enormous range of diets, each targeting the different aspects of the foods we consume each day. Whether we are eating only protein food substances in our diet, or maybe separating our carbs and fats at meal times, does this make a difference? Some...

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