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Porridge is real easy to make and offers many different health benefits. Because of its high fibre, it is good for your digestive tract while also helping regulate your appetite. Combine porridge, apple, pumpkin seeds and a bit of honey and you’ll have a high protein meal that is both sweet and good for your body. Easy to make this recipe, just follow the guide below. 1 cup of oats  1 cup of water  1 cup of soya milk  1 scoop of protein powder  2 tablespoons of honey 1 tablespoon of pumpkin seeds  1 apple cored and chopped  1 teaspoon...

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  This recipe is vegetarian, gluten free and wheat free. Ideal post workout meal packed with protein. Recipes below serves one large portion.  1 Red onion finely - sliced  6 button mushrooms - sliced 3 Spring onions - chopped  2 Tomatoes - chopped  1 Cup Frozen peas 1 Tsp Lemon juice 3 Eggs broken and mixed with pinch salt & pepper Handful cheddar  cheese grated 3 sprigs fresh thyme Method -  Important use a not stick pan for this recipe  Add oil to large pan  and place on high heat , once oil is hot add red onions and mushrooms Shallow fry  for 3 minutes until soft ,...

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