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Baking scones is a enjoyable and rewarding process. Ideal for home baking for any  rainy day.This simple scone recipe is easy to make and takes around 40 minutes in total to complete. Most important tip is to lightly work the dough to keep the air in the mix to help the scones raise.  Ingredients  450 g Plain flour 3 tsp baking powder 150g grated cheese 75g butter grated / or small cubed  pinch cayenne pepper / or paprika  pinch salt pinch pepper 175 ml Cream / Milk  Method  Pre heat oven gas mark 8 / 220 degrees  Mix dry ingredients together until...

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  Recipe for pan fried fish with oven baked vegetables  Ingredients  2 white fish fillets  50ml olive oil 1 capsicum red sliced  4 potatoes halved 4 asparagus spears  1 lemon quartered  1 broccoli chopped  20g butter handful of fresh washed mixed leaf salad 2 pinches mixed herbs 2 leaves fresh basil Method  Place olive oil in baking tray and pop into preheated oven gas mark 7 / 230 degrees. Take the tray out after 5 minutes and add the potatoes cook for a further 15 minutes in the oven then take out and add the rest of the vegetables, give...

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