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  4 Spinach Frozen 1 tablespoon lemon juice  1 Red onion fine diced  4 tablespoons cream cheese  100g Camembert small diced  1 Sprig fresh rosemary  200g Fresh Homemade Pasta  Method Heat the saucepan up then add garlic, onion, sauté for 2 minutes. Then add the frozen chopped spinach into the pan add the lemon juice. Cook the spinach throughly until all the water has cooked out then add the cream cheese to the mix. 1 minute  Season with salt and pepper then add the fresh rosemary and camembert to the mix and place to one side 1 minute Place to one side...

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  Porridge offers many different health benefits. Because of its high fiber, it is good for your digestive tract while also helping regulate your appetite. Additionally, its carbohydrates give you energy and increase your focus, while its other nutrients (such as iron, phosphorus, calcium, and vitamin A) aid in enhanced muscle recovery and bone strength, as well as a stronger immune system. The only thing better is adding some protein to it to help boost your performance and speed up your recovery time. With that thought in mind, here are the best protein porridge recipes that you simply must try:...

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