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This resistance band workout shows you a number of different exercises you can use for upper body training. In this routine you will see a mixture of mainly arm exercises combined with chest and shoulder.  Resistance band exercises focusing on muscle movements help with and aid with strength training. If you're a beginner to fitness or need inspiration for training with resistance exercises this video is ideal for you.  The exercise bands come in different weights and strengths. I would suggest using a lower weight to start with then gradually increasing the weight once the exercises become too easy.  Please leave a comment...

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This short detailed video will show you how to use the door anchor for resistance band training.

The resistance band door anchor supports your workout from any door frame.

Anchors are made with webbing and can normally support weights up to 400 lbs.

Remember always to notify people that you’re training! When the door opens and your training on the other side it can be extremely dangerous.

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