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      If you’re looking for stronger and more defined chest muscles, resistance bands can get you there without having to pay top dollar for a big, bulky piece of exercise equipment. In fact, you can do them most anywhere, which makes the bands a great workout option whether you are at home, on the road, or stuck in your office for the next 12 hours. Here are three moves that will get your chest muscles in top shape: Band Exercise #1: Pushup Do a regular pushup with the end of the band in each hand and the rest...

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  This exercise focuses on the upper back trapezius muscle, this muscle is located below the back of the neck. It's good to use this exercise to correct posture. When standing on sitting if you slouch a lot then this exercise is great for you. The more you work this muscle the stronger it will become, it help draw your shoulders back and push your chest out further. Giving you a better and stronger posture.   Directions for exercise Stand with slightly bent knees, grasp the handles and keeping arms straight palms together. Straighten your arms extend past your shoulders, pull laterally...

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