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  Resistance Band Training Workout 1  This workout is designed for exercise beginners. The workout is completed with equipment from our resistance band training 11pc set .  Please make sure you warm up before exercising. Just a simple jog on the spot will do, this will help increase your heart rate before the workout.  Exercise Equipment Weight Reps Sets Squat none Bodyweight 10 3 reverse curl Resistance Band 25 lbs Red  10 3 wood chopper Resistance Band 25 lbs Red  10 3 tricep exetension Resistance Band 25 lbs Red  10 3 overhead ab extensions Resistance Band 25 lbs Red  10 3...

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This video give you a basic idea on training with ankle straps from the resistance band sets. Not many resistance band trainers cover these exercise's so we thought we would put together a basic video on training with the ankle straps. Using a door anchor we fixed this to a lower point of the door. The main reason that we chose this anchor point is because we are focusing on training the leg muscles in this video, and this is the best fixed level to train from when exercising lower leg muscles.        

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