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Resistance band shoulder exercise frontal Raises. This video provides a basic exercise information for resistance band training. The frontal exercise is excellent exercise for the shoulders and can help shape the shoulder muscles with regular training on this movement. You can should use a light weight band to start with then increase the weight of the band for progression. Normally a good level of exercising is between 8 - 12 reps on this exercise and completing 3 sets.   

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  Flat resistance band Tricep workout exercise The flat are great for tricep resistance exercises, and can help tone and strengthen joints & muscles. In this video you will see three exercises using a medium resistance resistance band. Single arm back row  Reverse fly flat band exercise Tricep pulldown Training tips Always have hold the band  with your palm and thumb grip on top making sure that the band is held tight and that  you can release with obstruction. Bend at your elbows, keep inline with body position bring towards Chest pause momentarily at this top position Slowly lower back to the starting...

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Increase your arm strength with the flat resistance bands.

This is a short detailed video to help you get started with flat band resistance arm exercises. In this video you will find three exercises with detailed instructional information. All exercises are aimed at strengthing arm and shoulder muscles

  • Bicep curl
  • Upright row
  • Lateral raise

three exercises aimed at strengthening the shoulder...

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