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  Have you ever had such a foot injury that has left you unable to go about your daily routine? You’re unable to move, walk, run or basically do anything with your feet? And most importantly you can’t visit the gym! You just lay in your bed, watching TV, doing nothing while your body begins to suffer from all the inactivity. Soon you start seeing signs of your body losing its shape and your fitness going down the drain, all those long hours at the gym doing those intense workouts simply going to waste. Therefore it is no surprise that...

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  When it comes to running, a number of fitness enthusiasts are choosing to hit the trails while leaving their shoes at home (or by donning barefoot-style shoes). While some health experts suggest that there are several benefits to running without wearing traditional athletic shoes, choosing this option also apparently puts you at risk of various injuries. Let’s discuss some of the most common ones now, as well as how to avoid them. Injury #1: Bone Marrow Edema A study published in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise found that participants that ran in barefoot-style shoes had a greater...

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