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  When it comes to running, a number of fitness enthusiasts are choosing to hit the trails while leaving their shoes at home (or by donning barefoot-style shoes). While some health experts suggest that there are several benefits to running without wearing traditional athletic shoes, choosing this option also apparently puts you at risk of various injuries. Let’s discuss some of the most common ones now, as well as how to avoid them. Injury #1: Bone Marrow Edema A study published in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise found that participants that ran in barefoot-style shoes had a greater...

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The half-marathon is a distinctive race distance that entails a mixture of endurance, speed, and strength. These features can be problematic to balance for the average runner. Therefore, running a half-marathon demands regularity with training, injury deterrence, and recovery. Certain steps should be taken following the completion of a half-marathon race. After the event, the individual needs to replace the nutrients that were lost. Four such nutrients, namely carbohydrate, fluid, protein, and sodium, are the main pivotal points for post-half-marathon nutrition and should be consumed directly after and up to 60 minutes after the event is finished. In the case...

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    If weight loss is your goal then this article is for you. High energy workouts such like aerobic exercise, running, rowing, walking, swimming or any fitness routine that gets your energy pumping in the early morning delivers the best weight loss results. How? In the morning insulin levels are at their lowest and glucagon levels are at their highest. This means when you start exercising first thing before breakfast  fat cells are used up for your muscles for energy. Instead of carbs being the main source for energy fat is the main target to burn. You don't burn more...

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Want to increase your fat burning levels whilst running? Here are a few pointers to getting the most from your effort. Running is one of the best exercise for burning fat, it burns more calories per minute than any other cardio exercise, and with running, the heavier you weigh, the more calories you burn. On average, if you run at 5 mph, which is 12 miles per minute, you will burn 472 kcal per hour. Fat burning tips whilst running: when running try to find surface increase.   Uphill running is one of the best methods of burning fat faster....

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Running can increase bone mass density, especially in the hips and the legs of which are prime osteoporosis targets on our bodies. Professional runners have a higher than normal density, study that was held at Erlangen University in Germany showed the average professional measured density was 1,246mg per sq cm, were as non runners held an average of 1,138mg per sq cm.

Just over a 100mg increase...

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