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One of the reasons that CrossFit is so good for you is because it utilizes so many different exercises in an effort to get you in shape. While this is wonderful news for your body and your health, it can be a killer for your feet. That is, unless you have the proper shoes for this particular training method. So, what are the best shoes to buy when it comes to CrossFit? Here are five characteristics you’re going to want to look for: Light in weight. Because you’re going to be engaged in quite a bit of movement, you want...

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  If you’re a fit person who is looking for a way to challenge your body and take your fitness to the next level, you have some options. Here are just a few of the toughest challenges that will help you test your body’s strength, endurance and agility, and allow you to emerge feeling as if you conquered the world itself: The IRONMAN If you want to test your strength and endurance, the IRONMAN will do just that. This course is essentially a triathlon as it involves running, swimming and bicycling and you can choose the level of difficulty based...

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