FH Pro Strength Agility Speed Training Session Outside Demo Drills

This is a quick demo of one of our many workouts on Swansea Bay Water Front, with Fitness Health equipment. Using the sandbags to complete the burpee exercise adds more resistance into the moment. This compound exercise is an ideal choice for starting the circuit session. The idea comes from rugby training, getting up, just after a tackle has been made, then moving through the motions regaining speed and stamina.

The slalom poles act as players, movements in and out of the poles increase the speed and strength laterally, helping you strengthen your ankle and improve your foot position making your  balance better for dodging in and out of the players.

Then plyometrics training over the hurdles, this will give you the burst of energy you need either to jump a tackle or to kick start off into overspeed.

Finishing off with the agility ladder at the end of the circuit help us think about the objective.  After time it becomes more natural this drill makes you to think faster, helping you make quick and decisive decisions whilst moving at speed. Training your motor skills and making you multitask, speed ladders can be a great obstacle's at the end of the circuit line as they require you to think.   You can also throw a question into the last drill,  maths sums can be a good practice, adding more pressure to the exerciser when completing the drill. 


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