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  When engaging in sports, speed is always a factor. Even if you don’t have an opponent that you’re trying to outrun or outmaneuver, competing against yourself usually means finding ways to improve your time so that you can reach higher personal levels. So, how do you effectively increase your speed? One option is to wear a weighted vest when training. By adding more weight to your upper body during your training sessions, you’re also increasing the amount of resistance your muscles must work against in order to move around. This makes them grow bigger and stronger, ultimately improving your...

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  Whether this is your first year competing or you have been in your sport of choice for ages, pre-season training is essential for season success. However, the one thing that can hold you back from getting the type of training you need to excel is money. It isn’t necessarily cheap to get your body into prime condition, which may make you feel like you have to make a decision between upholding your budget and getting yourself ready to compete. Fortunately, that is a choice that you don’t have to make as there are ways to get essential pre-season training...

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Trainers usually use cones as landmarks to set up an assortment of pre-programmed agility drills. The purpose of each drill is to develop movement through a succession of pre-planned manoeuvring changes. Trainers can also modify them into semi-open drills by producing movement options and having the competitor respond to an outside stimulus. In two-cone drills, two cones are positioned apart at an established distance that works best for their activity or sport. In most circumstances, a distance of five to nine metres is sufficient. People can execute numerous drills with this setup to advance rudimentary changes of directions. Adding a third...

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