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  Whether this is your first year competing or you have been in your sport of choice for ages, pre-season training is essential for season success. However, the one thing that can hold you back from getting the type of training you need to excel is money. It isn’t necessarily cheap to get your body into prime condition, which may make you feel like you have to make a decision between upholding your budget and getting yourself ready to compete. Fortunately, that is a choice that you don’t have to make as there are ways to get essential pre-season training...

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Increasing you speed with leg band training.

Using resistance leg bands can be the best way to increase your speed, adding resistance to your movements not only strengthens but activates more muscle fibres but also increases your strength and explosive ability. Exercising with the leg bands can help you focus on multi directional movement training, meaning you can breakdown the movement and begin...

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  How to increase your speed  Using plyometrics training is an supplement to your speed training program. Plyometrics can greatly improve your strength and power levels, it will help increase total body control since all plyometric exercises are completed by moving your own body weight. Have you tried bounding exercises before?  box jumps, press up with claps, medicine ball throws, athletes use the  most advanced technical movements, a professional athlete always concentrates on doing the most complicated routine in their training. How do they know if actually benefiting from these exercises?  do you think they could be putting themselves  at risk for injury? Learning from basic and complex...

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