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  Hurdles are great pieces of equipment to help you build your lower body power and speed. Plus, there are a number of different drills to choose from, which means that you will never get bored and always be able to challenge your body, helping it advance in regard to fitness and performance measures. With that thought in mind, here are some drills that you can do with your own speed agility hurdles (place your hurdles approximately one meter apart for these drills): 1-step speed drill: To do the 1-step, simply run through them, placing one foot in between each...

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Speed training with FH Pro Weighted Vest. This is Chris Divine a professional football Coach in Scotland. Chris has taken time to in making a detailed video on speed increase. This video aims to help people understand different techniques you can use to increase your natural speed using speed training exercises.  Chris was completing these exercises with equipment.  Firstly, in the video Chis is using the fh pro weighted vest for speed increase, a simple but wonderful why to increase your speed. This works by the simple overload principle. More weight on the upper body will mean that your...

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