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  Sprinting has been used since the first humans lived on Earth, as they needed these skills to catch prey. However, it’s only in recent years that it has become both a fitness trend and a huge part of athletics competitions. The benefits of sprint work include enhancing athleticism, building muscle and burning calories. Recent studies have also shown short, rapid bursts of sprinting are more effective than long jogs or hours in the gym. Sprint work needs significant strength to cope with reaction forces, which cannot be honed with regular gym work. Try doing some drills with a foam...

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  Whether this is your first year competing or you have been in your sport of choice for ages, pre-season training is essential for season success. However, the one thing that can hold you back from getting the type of training you need to excel is money. It isn’t necessarily cheap to get your body into prime condition, which may make you feel like you have to make a decision between upholding your budget and getting yourself ready to compete. Fortunately, that is a choice that you don’t have to make as there are ways to get essential pre-season training...

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This is a quick demo of one of our many workouts on Swansea Bay Water Front, with Fitness Health equipment. Using the sandbags to complete the burpee exercise adds more resistance into the moment. This compound exercise is an ideal choice for starting the circuit session. The idea comes from rugby training, getting up, just after a tackle has been made, then moving through the motions regaining speed and stamina. The slalom poles act as players, movements in and out of the poles increase the speed and strength laterally, helping you strengthen your ankle and improve your foot position making your  balance better...

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