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This is a quick demo of one of our many workouts on Swansea Bay Water Front, with Fitness Health equipment. Using the sandbags to complete the burpee exercise adds more resistance into the moment. This compound exercise is an ideal choice for starting the circuit session. The idea comes from rugby training, getting up, just after a tackle has been made, then moving through the motions regaining speed and stamina. The slalom poles act as players, movements in and out of the poles increase the speed and strength laterally, helping you strengthen your ankle and improve your foot position making your  balance better...

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  If you’re involved in sports or any other type activity in which you want to increase your speed, then you might want to consider using a Viper Harness in your training regimen. What types of benefits does this particular piece of equipment have to offer? Of course, the most notable advantage is that it can dramatically boost your performance speed and strength, making you more efficient at your sport or activity of choice. It also works to improve your balance and control your body positions, helping you achiever higher levels of fitness in a safer and more effective manner....

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    Endurance (or stamina) activities characteristically require participants to navigate extended distances as quickly as possible. These activities or sports consist of running, cycling, swimming, triathlon, ultra-distance events, among others. Maintaining an ideal pace in an endurance event and refining that pace necessitates effective, dedicated training. The cultures of most endurance sports have profound customs of focusing on completing as many miles or kilometres and hours as conceivable, irrespective of the quality of the workouts – and even potentially at the expense of quality. This poses a tangible challenge for contemporary endurance athletes. With the numerous outside burdens on...

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