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This three minute warm up video will give you a brief demonstration on how to warm up before a sporting event. The exercises in this video focus on dynamic stretching. This type of stretching is proven to be more beneficial than static stretching mainly for the reason that it keeps you actively moving so this maintains your hear rate and blood circulation.    The warm consists of leg and full body movements. Primary focusing on the legs and lower body muscle groups.  This warm up is ideal for use speed training exercises for products such like the FH kinetic leg band...

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If you play sports, then your ability to react (most commonly referred to as your reaction time) may just determine whether you ultimately win or lose the game. Plus, being able to react quickly means that you have good eye-hand coordination, which is just one factor that can greatly improve your performance as well. Well, a pretty easy, yet effective way to achieve this enhanced level of reaction is to engage in reaction ball games. A reaction ball is a ball that isn’t completely round, but rather looks like a bunch of balls melted together. This means that bouncing it...

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If your goal is to increase your fitness and improve your cardiovascular and physical strength, hiring a personal trainer is the way to go. However, having this type of expert on hand can be costly, causing you to keep trying to reach your goals on your own if you don’t have a lot of extra cash. So, how do you save money with personal training? Simple…ask for a group personal training session. This way you can share the expense with your friends who also have their own fitness goals, making it a win/win situation for all of you. The Many...

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