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  How to increase your speed  Using plyometrics training is an supplement to your speed training program. Plyometrics can greatly improve your strength and power levels, it will help increase total body control since all plyometric exercises are completed by moving your own body weight. Have you tried bounding exercises before?  box jumps, press up with claps, medicine ball throws, athletes use the  most advanced technical movements, a professional athlete always concentrates on doing the most complicated routine in their training. How do they know if actually benefiting from these exercises?  do you think they could be putting themselves  at risk for injury? Learning from basic and complex...

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  How to improve your speed get faster ?  Jumping, bouncing, bounding and hopping exercises have all been used in an to enhance athletic performance by plyometrics training. This method of training is for increasing your power, reactions and explosiveness. For any athlete a high level of plyometrics is a must, having great muscular strength combined with plyomertics is the key for success ! the ability to react with precision and explosive speed is critical in all of today's spots. It has an added benefit of being the most enjoyable types of training. When conducting plyometrics training drills it’s important that...

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  PLYOMETRIC TRAINING SESSIONINTERMEDIATE LEVEL   WARM-UP: 5 minutes of general warming up with minimum bouncing.- light jogging- swinging leg raises to front, back and side- arm circles, hip circles   STRETCHING: general stretching of muscles of the back, hamstrings, quadriceps, trunk and especially calves.   TRAINING DOSE:- all sets 8 - 10 repetitions- 3 sets per exercise- 2 minutes rest between sets 1. SINGLE LEG HOPS ... alternate legs... 3 x 10 per leg 2. DEPTH JUMPS .... double leg take-off ..3 x 10 3. OBSTACLE JUMPS ... double leg take-off..3 x 10 4. HAND CLAP PUSH-UPS ... with...

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