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    With CrossFit becoming more popular with time, many fitness enthusiasts are searching for useful and effective ways to help them better recover from the intensity that this type of workout provides. One option for helping you achieve this goal is to use protein powder for a refreshing post-exercise drink that soothes your body as much as it does your thirst. What types of ingredients should this particular powder contain? Here are three: Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs): Branch chain amino acids in your recovery protein powder can help increase your energy once you’ve completed your workout. If you’ve...

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Everyday human body requires protein. The function of protein is to repair the damaged bones and muscles. Protein also helps in increasing the immunity of the body and protects the body from viral diseases. People interested in low carbohydrate diet have wide range of options because almost every grocery store keeps various high protein supplements. Why it protein essential? Protein Supplements are not only essential for fitness freaks but it should also be taken by every individual. It is highly recommended to people suffering from cancer because such patients need very high protein intake especially after surgery. There is very...

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