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  If there is one truth about energy, it is that most of us have a shorter supply than we’d like. In the hustle and bustle of today’s world, where we are running from one place to the next with minimal stopping in between, leaving it easy to find ourselves fatigued and in search of an energy booster to help us when our “get up and go has got up and left.” While it may be tempting to just go to the store and purchase any old supplement from the display, not all energy boosters are created equal. Ideally, you...

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    As an athlete, engaging in proper sports nutrition is a must; although it isn’t as simple as just eating nutritious foods. In fact, there are three processes that you need to consider when creating the diet that will bring you the best results. Timing Your body needs different foods at different times of the day in order to function efficiently. For example, you want to eat every couple of hours so that your body has the energy it needs to power you through your sport of choice. This includes eating before and after your workouts to get your...

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