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  If your goal is to bulk up your muscles so they are stronger and help you lose fat faster, then you are in luck. There are several different pills you can take that will allow you to reach your fitness goal at break neck speed, giving you the physique that you long for – the physique that you deserve. Here are the three best: Creatine – This particular substance is already in your body naturally, but not in the higher levels necessary to get the muscle gains that you may be looking for. Therefore, adding this supplement to your...

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What is the best food to eat before a Marathon? So you’ve just trained for the last six months of your life in order to run those monumental 26.2 miles. The last thing you want holding you back on race day is a lack of proper pre-race nutrition. This is a very simple thing to prepare for, but it must be done right or your chance of finishing the marathon could be in jeopardy. Proper pre-race nutrition starts the day before. You need to drink a lot of water. You need to drink a large amount of water. You need...

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