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    Competing in professional sports means that you are held to higher standards. Part of these standards involves not using various substances in an effort to achieve greater levels of performance. But how do you know whether or not a supplement is okay for your sport of choice? The U.K. Anti-Doping Website Perhaps the easiest way to know for sure, and to know that the information that you are receiving is current, is to check the U.K. Anti-Doping Website. On it they have a bunch of different resources that you can view, some that you can even download, that...

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  When it comes to total health and wellness of your body, one thing is for sure: proper hydration is the key. After all, if you don’t replenish the water it uses during grueling workouts or while in hot environments, you run the risk of minor fatigue up to and including death – and everything in between. Signs of Dehydration So, how do you know if you’re lacking in water and need to rehydrate? Some of the most common symptoms include: Excessive thirst Swollen tongue Dry mouth Extreme fatigue Lack of urine Inability to create tears If you’re overly dehydrated,...

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