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  Hydration tablets are some of the newest sports-related products to hit the market, which may make you wonder which sports use them most. Before that question can be answered, you must first know what hydration tablets are, as well as the benefits that they offer. What Are Hydration Tablets? Hydration tablets are tablets that you can drop into a bottle or glass of water to add electrolytes to it. This is important as it helps replace the ones that you typically lose when engaged in rigorous physical exercise, keeping you optimally hydrated and your electrolyte levels more balanced, making...

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Whether you’re already an athlete and aspiring to become a better one, or you’re new to the world of athletics and want to make the most of it, one thing is for sure: the foods you consume can make a huge difference in regard to your success—or failure. That is why fueling your body properly is critical to becoming the best athlete that you can possibly be. # Eat Your Protein First and foremost, you want to consume adequate protein to fuel your muscles during both training sessions and your games or sport. The typical recommendation by health professionals is...

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      Look up what it takes to be a competition athlete, and you’ll learn that clean eating is often part of their training regimen. What is clean eating? Well, it involves removing certain food substances from your diet so that you eat mainly unprocessed, natural foods that are better for your body. What substances should you avoid if clean eating is on your agenda? Alcohol. When you consume alcoholic beverages, whether they are beer, wine, or other spirits, you’re essentially introducing toxins into your body. They contain no nutritional value and add empty calories to your diet. Not...

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