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  Strength training provides a number of physical benefits ranging from increased muscle mass and strength to reduced muscle loss as you age. And while cardiovascular exercise is recommended on a daily basis, the reality is that you can strength train effectively by engaging in this type of exercise just three times a week. A Good Strength Training Schedule To get the most benefit possible, you want your strength training days to be spaced out as much as possible. This will also lower your risk of injury as your muscles will receive the 24-48 hours that they need to heal...

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  The great thing about having stronger muscles is that a number of things become easier. From opening jars to lifting kids to moving furniture around, increasing muscle strength is one way to accomplish all of these and more. So, what gains are needed to enjoy these types of benefits? Weight Gain No, you don’t want to pack extra pounds on your body in order to grow your muscles. In this case, weight gain refers to adding more weights to your routine. In other words, if you are currently lifting 20 pound dumbbells for your bicep curls, you might want...

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