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  This is a basic workout which includes two barbell leg exercises finishing with plyometric jumps at the end of the workout. These three exercises are as following  Lunges   1.Grasp the barbell with both hands, then move into the clean and press position.  Press the barbell over the head and bring the bar back down so its resting on the back of the shoulders.  2. With your leg, step forward about three feet until your thigh is parallel to the floor so the opposite knee is nearly touching the floor.3.  Then return to start position bringing the leg up back to straight position standing tall.  Squats  1. Place your...

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    Although lower testosterone levels have traditionally been considered something that affects older men, research suggests that this hormone starts to decline after a man hits a rather young 30 years old. Levels that get too low can result in a lower sex drive and problems with performance, depression, and even issues with keeping focus on a task at hand. Due to the sensitive nature of this topic, going to a health care provider and talking candidly about your concerns may not be high on your to-do list. So, if you think (or know) that your testosterone levels need...

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