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  Having your own home gym is a great way to get and stay in shape. However, that also means that you need to equip that gym with the right tools to help you develop the body you desire. One of those tools is standard plate weights. These weights attach to pretty much any weight lifting bar or dumbbell, enabling you to work all of your muscle groups without having to buy different pieces of equipment for each one. And they’re fairly cost effective too. Depending on which brand you buy, you’re likely to pay somewhere around £2.50 per kilo...

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  Typically, a lot of pre-season training articles talk about the exercises you can do to get your body back into top game shape. However, what you eat is just as critical to your sports-related success. In other words, having a diet that includes certain foods can help take you one level higher, making it easier to complete your workouts and pre-season training sessions. What foods are these? Here are some that are essential for a performance maximizing plan: Lean meats. By eating lean meats while in pre-season, you are supplying your body with top quality proteins necessary to building...

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      Deadlifts are a great way to strengthen your lower body as they work your legs, glutes, and lower back. However, sometimes they can cause pain in your lower back if you don’t use proper form. In fact, here are some common form-related issues that can harm your lower back if they aren’t corrected: Your back isn’t straight when you begin the exercise. Arch your back too much or not enough when you start to pick up the weight and you’ll likely feel some discomfort after performing your deadlifts. Therefore, aim to keep a straight line from your...

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