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  Typically, when people create their muscle building fitness regimen, they think primarily about the amounts of weight they will be lifting. Subsequently, they set goals that involve increasing those weights, slowly building their physique and making their muscles bigger and stronger. While this is certainly important to a well-rounded fitness routine, one thing is even more imperative to consider: your form. If you are sacrificing your physical form in order to lift larger amounts of weight, you are likely doing your body more harm than good. To perform exercises incorrectly increases your risk of sustaining injuries, which means that...

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  Sandbag training does amazing things for you. It helps you build your stability and improve your sports performance. Plus, you can do it virtually anywhere, it’s fairly inexpensive, and yet you still get a great workout. This makes this type of training very beneficial for a number of reasons. So, whether you’ve never done it before and are ready to try or you’ve been sandbag training for years, here are three leg and buttock exercises that will help you increase your strength, while also increasing your power: Squats. Squats work primarily your thighs, but they also work your buttocks...

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Load Progression Part 2 Step Loading The step loading model of training permits a progressive overload that is intermingled with stages of unloading and is occasionally referred to as a traditional or classic periodization model. The use of unloading stages or training loads allows for rejuvenation, superior physiological adaptations, and phases of psychological repair. With ...READ MORE

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Mistake #1: Never Making Alterations to the Routine

This is probably one of the most common mistakes that can be made. More often than not, people who are not educated in the realm of the fitness stick religiously to their routine for months on end, maybe even longer. The main issue here is that the human body adapts to any stimulus placed on it, in time. When someone is performing the same...

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