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CrossFit is the newest rage and not without good reason. It makes you functionally fit so that you not only enjoy the advantages of being healthy, but your day to day activities become easier as you are engaging in exercises that are designed to mimic the things you already do. So, what CrossFit equipment should you make sure you have to gain the benefits that come from this form of exercise? Here are the top five: #1: A Weightlifting Bar Because you can use this one piece of equipment in a number of CrossFit exercises, it is definitely worth the...

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   The TRX system is a modality of training that uses gravity and your body weight in a way that maximises the improvement of power, bone density, balance, coordination, strength, flexibility, and core (and joint) solidity. Furthermore, it realises this while preventing frequently-occurring injuries with standard methods. The scheme was initially fashioned by a Navy Seal who wanted to be able to sustain high fitness levels in a small area. Soon enough, the device and training system found its way into the colossal fitness trade, and is made use of by more than a few sports teams around the world. There...

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