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There are three major muscle groups of the arms: The biceps brachii, a two-headed muscle with the origin under the shoulder and insertion below the elbow. The basic role of this muscle is to lift and curl the arm, and to pronate (twist downward) the wrist. The triceps brachii, a three-headed muscle that works in opposition to the biceps, also attached beneath the shoulder and underneath the elbow. The simple utility of this muscle is to unbend the arm and supinate (twist upward) the wrist. The forearm, containing a selection of muscles on the exterior and interior of the lower arm that govern...

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The process through which the musculoskeletal system is strengthened by using heavy resistances exercises is known as strength training. Strength training is also known as body building/sculpting, resistance training and weight training/lifting. Strength Training – its Benefits 1)      Muscle fibers become stronger and increase in size. 2)      Bones, tendons and ligaments become increase density, this helps reduce risks from injuries like sprains or breaks 3)      Decreases risks from suffering bone diseases like osteoporosis or arthritis  4)      Strength training increases the metabolism and body fitness level. It also enhances our physical appearance.   How to go about building strength?...

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In case you are in the quest of burning fat very fast for sure you have also heard about high intensity interval training that is also known as HIIT. This kind of training is also popular among the trainers; because it offers them the possibility to help the clients achieve a toned body in a short period of time.

The workout is known to have metabolic advantages, not to mention that you don’t...

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