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   Suspension Training Crunch Exercise. This video provides a basic exercise information with use of the suspension training abdominal exercise. Training with suspension straps will help you increase your muscle fibres in the core area of your body.  The exercise above primary focuses on working the core muscles, glut's and legs. First place your feet in the handles of the suspension set, the further the handles are from the floor the higher the intensity will be on the core and shoulders.  1) Place feet into the handles so that you can face the floor with your body parallel to the ground,...

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3 Best Suspension Training Exercises for Your Abs When working your abs, you have a lot of different pieces of equipment at your disposal, and—for the most part—they all do a decent job. However, if you want rock solid abs that you can bounce a quarter off of, then suspension training is the way to go. In fact, here are the four best ab exercises when choosing this type of workout:   #1: Extended Plank Stand so that the straps are waist high and grab the handles. In a slow and controlled motion, lean your body forward while extending your...

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