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Position 1 Position 2 1) Stand feet hip width apart, holding the handles with a full grip. Lean back for straps to take your bodyweight, keep your back and legs in a straight line throughout, arms shoulder width and fully extended. 2) Keeping hands in the same position pull the hands toward the body, pause and release. Focus on contracting the bicep. - Palms facing toward you (underhand) bicep curl- Palms facing the away from you (overhand) reverse curl- Palms facing together (neutral) hammer curl- adjusting the angle of your body with vary the difficulty- body at a 10 degree...

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  Muscles; Chest pectorals, arms and shoulders 1. Hold on the handles with overhand grip. Start position hold your hands stretched in front of your shoulders. Keep arms straighten slightly bend at elbows. 2. Lower your body forward maintaining control throughout the exercise, the movement should be made at the elbow joint whilst your shoulders control and stabilise the movement. 3. Returning to the start position, push forwards and the hands until the arms have reach straighten position, hold for 1 second and return to start position.  Training tip - On the way back up its good to contract your core muscles,...

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   Suspension Training Crunch Exercise. This video provides a basic exercise information with use of the suspension training abdominal exercise. Training with suspension straps will help you increase your muscle fibres in the core area of your body.  The exercise above primary focuses on working the core muscles, glut's and legs. First place your feet in the handles of the suspension set, the further the handles are from the floor the higher the intensity will be on the core and shoulders.  1) Place feet into the handles so that you can face the floor with your body parallel to the ground,...

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