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  Suspension Training Squat Exercise. As you can seen in the video above, after the first set of squat exercise's, I then move onto the pistol squat which focuses on one leg, you should only attempt of you have a high level of fitness. Notice that my knee never goes over my supporting foot during the exercises above.  This video provides a basic exercise information with use of the suspension training leg and buttock exercises. The exercise above is an leg and buttock strengthening exercise, that primary focuses on strengthening of leg and buttock muscles. Using the suspension straps will help you get further into...

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Gymnastic ring exercises can be quite beneficial to people other than gymnasts. They can help improve both strength and flexibility, while being versatile enough to accommodate anyone and allowing you to move from one position to another in no time at all. For the vast majority of people, the gym rings would not be used as they would with gymnasts, as this would require learning a completely different modality. That said, they can be used in exercises that you might normally perform, but add in a novel stimulus. Gym Ring Exercise #1: Ring Dips The main muscles that are trained...

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