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  If you want to make the most of your workouts, wearing a weighted vest while doing TRX suspension training is one way to achieve that goal. Not only will you receive the benefits you would get by engaging in just one of these wonderful training systems, but add them together and it provides double the impact. For instance, TRX training is good for core development. When you are constantly trying to balance your body, stabilizing it while working out, of course you’re going to build muscles around your abdomen and lower back. However, when you wear a weighted vest...

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The palms of your hands should be facing forward and your feet should be in line with you shoulders.Slowly draw your arms away from the centre line of the body in until you've reached your maximum range.  Hold at that position throughout exercise. Movement is made from the shoulders, much like a bird flapping its wings. Move your arms slowly maintaining resistance throughout the exercise. Bring your arms to the side of your hips then raise above the head in a lateral motion, once maximum tension point is reached pause then slowly return to the original starting position. The...

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