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  This exercise is great for targeting and toning the top upper back of the arms.  Recommend to increase the tension move your feet closer to the suspension point, this will increase as you are placing more bodyweight on the suspension straps.  Equipment needed – Resistance band & door anchor 1. Stand with feet together, hold both handles palms facing forwards, keep a bend with at the knee’s. .2. Keeping your elbows soft, make a slow controlled movement forwards bending at the elbows lower your body maintaining control keeping hands in the same place inline with shoulders. Once you reached the point...

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Suspension Training Single Arm Squats. This video provides a basic exercise information with use of the suspension training single arm squat exercise. Training with suspension sets can help you increase your muscle fibres, preparing you for more advanced movements. The exercise above  is a compound movement, a squat exercise with a twist and back row. The more muscles activated the better the exercise, simple understanding of training. 

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