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Position 1   Position 2 Pike Exercise  Instead of pushing your body up or holding it steady, raise your hips in the air into a pike and you’ll feel it for sure. Pike 1) Place feet into the handles so that you can face the floor with your body parallel to the ground, in a elevated push up position with hands shoulder width apart.2) Focus straight ahead and keep feet together and legs straight, throughout the movement keep your weight balanced over your hands. Raise your hips bringing your feet toward you until your torso is vertical and inline with...

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  This exercise is great for targeting and toning the upper legs and gluts.  This is a intermediate exercise and please take care when completing this exercise. Extra space is needed for the exercise shown. Always test the suspension set is firmly secure before exercising. The explosive squat exercise with the suspension straps works great for maintaining balance throughout the exercise. When you are place bodyweight on the suspension straps you have extra support of stability through the exercise.  .  Equipment needed – Suspension Set and training anchor   1. Place your feet at shoulder width apart. Move into squat position by slowly bending your knees and lower your body...

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