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Bums and tums workout ab training kit abdominal core kit including exercise program

Fitness Health

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Fitness Health Abdominal & Core Training Kit

Package includes

  • Ab Roller - For Core improvement
  • Light Resistance Band
  • Heavy Resistance Band
  • Skipping Rope - Skipping is a great total body cardio exercise that incorporates all the muscles in fast explosive action movements
  • 4 week PDF Training Program


AB Roller

Every exercise you do will feel harder with this versatile training equipment, because the power wheel trains your core and your whole body by stabilizing during movement. This constant stabilizing will result in improved stability. The improved stability dramatically improves strength and power output and thus improves performance and decreases the likelihood of injuries.

Very nice training tool for developing elite core strength.


  • Twin Wheeled
  • Lightweight & durable
  • Helps to tone the Abs, shoulders and back of arms
  • Foam padded handles for easy grip during use
  • Highly transportable and easy for storage.
  • This AB ROLLER is designed to work and build the abdominal muscles.
  • Has dual wheels for stability and non-slip handles for comfort.
  • The compact size allows you to store it anywhere or carry it when traveling!
  • AB wheel is compact and portable, use it anywhere, any time

Resistance Bands

FH Pro Leg  Resistance Exercise Loop Bands used for a variety of fitness applications and are ideal for lower body exercises.

Loop band strength, size and colour; 


Red 6 lbs resistance - Medium - Band Length - 10'' x 2'' - 26 cm loop length 

Yellow 8 lbs resistance - Heavy - Band Length - 11''x 2'' - 28 cm loop length 


Two different levels of resistance offer a gradual challenge and aid strength and power.

This set is very light and easily portable.

Skipping Rope

Fitness Health high quality skipping rope for fast active speed skipping

The total length of cord from handle to handle is 260cm.

Each handle length is 13cm

Material: Plastic

Color: Blue

Weight: 88g

    Skipping is a great total body cardio exercise that incorporates all the muscles in fast explosive action movements

    Ideal for pilates and yoga training.

    Training Plan 

    PDF Training Plan is for 4 weeks as in based on HIIT training cardio targeting weight loss 





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