FH Sports Team Equipment Speed Set FH2

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This fitness speed training set FH2  includes; hurdles, cones and fast footwork ladders and is focused more on the football training. The speed ladders are used to train brain, whilst the player is moving through the ladder they have to think about their actions whilst completing the drills. These  prime tools for speed training development help players focus on the bigger picture of the game.  

  • FH Pro Speed Hurdles  6" set of 3 x 2 
  • FH Pro Speed Ladder 4 meters with netting staples x 2 
  • FH Marker Cones  2" x 12 - 3 colours 
  • FH Marker Cones  6" x 9 - 3 colours
  • FH Marker Cones  9" x 6 - 3 colours