FH Pro Weighted Vest CrossFit Bodyweight

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FH Pro Weighted vest can increase the amount of intensity of your workout through resistance. By adding additional weight while you perform bodyweight exercises. Equally distributed weight pockets mean that you can adjust the weight on your vest,  as this vest multiple pockets with weighted sand bags. This helps you vary your training weights for different exercises.

For example ,doing upper body exercises like chin ups will be challenging at first, as you may struggle with the extra 10kg or 20kg on your bodyweight. So you will be able to reduce the vests weight to start off with by taking out some of the weighted sandbags. Then as you progress you can add weight to the exercise. 


One size fits all

Neck size maximum  20 cm  

Waist size maximum 60 cm 

Weighted vests are ideal for crossfit workouts.

Some of the benefits are; 

Maximum muscle gain
Resistance training exercises that involve the movement of your core, such as push-ups, squats, sit-ups and chin-ups.
Improved endurance. Just wear it for a little bit of time during each training session to boost your stamina
Greater speed.  Plyometrics, or box jumping
More bone density. helps build your bones