Maltodextrin Glucose Carbohydrate Supplement

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maltodextrin is premium european manufactured material. it is 100% pure and contains no additives or fillers. maltodextrin is a glucose polymer and while technically it is a complex carbohydrate, it also has a very high gi rating (110), which ensures the rapid release of energy. this makes it a good choice for after training or a workout, particularly in combination with creatine and amino acids 
maltodextrin is a sugar called a polysaccharide. it is manufactured from starch and gets its name due to its formation from dextrose polymers of different lengths. unlike dextrose, it does not taste sweet.
maltodextrin can be used as an effective carbohydrate source for weight gain shakes, as the protein and fats help to reduce the glycemic response.
maltodextrin is of the highest quality, providing 100% maltodextrin. a quick glance at the certificate of analysis (coa) on this product page (to the side of the product image) reaffirms this.
benefits of maltodextrin
99g carbs per 100g
european sourced
fast digesting carbohydrate fuel source
promotes rapid glycogen replenishment
high glycemic index (gi)
unbeatable value
derived from starch
common inclusion in weight gain formulas
add to protein and fats for a diy weight gainer
who is maltodextrin suitable for? maltodextrin is commonly used in ‘do it yourself’ weight gainers alongside protein and fats. maltodextrin is also suitable post-training to replenish fuel levels. 
disclaimer: implied results may vary. individuals will respond differently. implied results assume an appropriate nutrition and training plan.