FH Extreme Resistance Bands Exercise Leg Band Set 13 pcs

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FH Kinetic resistance leg band set designed to help increase fast twitch leg muscle fibres increasing explosive speed and strength.

Different colour bands for different resistance levels.

  • 2 Red Bands 11 lbs - Medium 
  • 2 Green Bands 16 lbs - Medium Heavy
  • 2 Black Bands 22 lbs - Heavy

 Each bands length is 240mm.

The following attachments are made from nylon webbing and also included with the training set;

  • Each kinetic leg resistance band is 22 cm in length, with the hooks from end to end the total length is 29cm. 
  • Thigh straps are a total of 65cm long with 5.5 cm width. The thigh straps have extra padding for comfort
  • 1 Fitness Health carry bag 9 inches length x 6 inches width 

When all the bands are attached for this set you can achieve a total resistance of 66lbs. The bands are made from latex and have reinforced hooks. Resistance Bands are made from Latex tubing used for strength training.This is a  light weight set, easy storing and fully portable.

    The band package comes with two leg straps which fit around the higher thigh, you can adjust the leg cuff size to fit upper and lower legs for training different muscle groups. These leg straps are awesome tools in development  of motor skill training;


      Designed to help lower body improvement for sports like ; football, rugby, hockey, tennis, running, sprinting, jumping, basketball, netball etc.

      Using the bands adds more resistance into normal exercises like squats, lunges, knee raises, half jacks, full jacks, etc.

      Customer Reviews

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      Fitness brands

      Very good, just what my son needs for leg power and speed, made of strong material, will buy from company again

      Leg Band Set

      Fantastic equipment for speed, strength and core
      Introduced resistance bands to under 14 football team training, boys love the bands, works them hard and seeing the benefits within 4 weeks
      Recommend for all sports training

      Love it

      Love it


      "The bands are amazing, useful for both me as a senior athlete, and my younger brother who is a newcomer. Love them, only wish I'd have bought them sooner. Easy to use and carry with the smal bag, great!"

      "Useful kit, good value."

      "It seems like a good set though I have only just started using it. I looked at the video which was a bit tedious to watch because you have to go through the intro again before each section, but it was worth it because the method is very clearly shown. Also my gym instructor showed me lots of other exercises to do with it. Seems like good value for money."