FH Pro Resistance Loop Leg Physical Therapy Exercise Bands Set

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FH Resistance Exercises Loop Set is specifically designed for HITT workouts and rehabilitation physiotherapist training. 

X Heavy - Green 12 lbs

Heavy - Blue 10 lbs 

Medium - Red 7 lbs 

Light - Black 6 lbs 

Each band is 30 cm in length and 5 cm width 

The set is easily transportable weighing at 100 grams in total, you can fit this whole set in your pocket. 

Perfect for squats, lunges, side-to-side exercises, stretching, triceps and biceps exercises. Ideal for Rehabilitation workouts that are aimed at specific muscle body areas.  

Strengthening - joints and bones

Flexibility - more range of movement

Muscle power & strength

Plyometrics training - faster body movements.

Resistance band workouts are suitable for men and women of all fitness levels. Includes set of 4, easy-to-use, colour coded bands with light, medium, heavy, & x-heavy progressive levels of resistance. Designed to help lower body fast twitch muscular improvement, ideal for all leg active sports such like; football, rugby, hockey, tennis, running, sprinting, jumping, basketball, netball and athletics.