Xcore Pro Shaker

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  • Guarantees a perfect shake every time;
  • Always clean and fresh;
  • Always with you;
  • Minimum effort and maximum satisfaction;
  • Can be washed in a dishwasher;
  • Very easy to clean;
  • Mix your shake with your favourite drink.

There are many dietary and nutritional supplements in which the powder has to be mixed with a liquid to form a special mixture. It is important that products are consumed immediately because they may lose taste and nutritional properties in a short space of time.

Pro Shaker by Xcore Nutrition is a revolutionary shaker for sporting drinks,  it is possible to keep the powder and liquid separate in a compartment at the top of the shaker and mix the healthy and nutritive ingredients instantaneously.  This allows you to enjoy a fresh shake whenever and however you want.

A fresh shake, without losing taste and properties. The powder and liquid are kept separately and are only mixed when you want them to be.

A shake without impurities or spilling as you prepare it and the mixing of the shake is done inside the shaker.

Prepare it where and whenever you want: in the car, at work or in the gym's changing rooms. You don't need to take the ingredients separately, Xcore’s Pro Shaker is an all-in-one solution for everyone with an active lifestyle.

Pro Shaker by Xcore Nutrition eliminates all time-consuming and complicated tasks in creating a delicious shake. It's as simple as stir, shake and enjoy!

Pro Shaker by Xcore Nutrition can be washed in dishwashers or by hand.