FH Pro Speed Sled Sack Weight Sprint Trainer Power Bag

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The FH Pro speed sled sack is ideal for resistance sprint training. Helps to Improve your sprint explosive speed with weighted sledge training. 

Sack comes with 3 bags which can be filled with sand or weights up to 40kg to create the drag for lower body muscle training. 

Sack dimensions 
34cm width 
40cm length 
12 cm depth 
Attachment belt fits up to 50 inch waist 

Adjustable weight options for variable weight resistance 

Tested with Iron cast plates for training

1 x  20 kg plate 39cm x 5cm 
1 x 15kg plate  34 cm x 4cm 
1 x 5 kg  23cm x 3cm 
4 x  10kg plates 31cm x 3cm 

Please note this product comes unfilled or without any weights. This needs to be purchased separately.