Fitness Set Equipment For Home Gym Exercises

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Every exercise you do will feel harder with this versatile training equipment, because the power wheel trains your core and your whole body by stabilizing during movement. This constant stabilizing will result in improved stability. The improved stability dramatically improves strength and power output and thus improves performance and decreases the likelihood of injuries. Very nice training tool for developing elite core strength.

FH Steel jump rope is perfect for high intensity CrossFit workouts, helping you increase your skipping speed, the steel jump rope cuts through the air more quickly, ensuring that maintain maximum speed. Two comfortable handles with ball bearing attachment for smooth and consistent movement. The rope is completely adjustable up to 270cm length. The thickness of the steel wire is 2.5mm encased in a thin layer of nylon to reduce the risk of injury.

FH gliding Two-sided design works well on various floors, plastic side for smooth surfaces (carpet or rug flooring), and the soft foam side for hard floors (hardwood, laminate, tile). Low impact yet highly effective for core development, the gliding discs are aimed at a total body workout which helps reduce stress and injury while also adds fun to your daily routines. Lightweight and compact, packed in the storage sack for convenient storage and carrying, ideal for gym fitness, home/office
1 x Set of 2 Resistance Bands Mini Exercise loop bands suitable for glute leg band training, yoga, pilates, physical therapy at home or gym workouts. Squat Hip Thrust Bands | Resistance Training | Red Yellow Training have been in the fitness market for the last 6 years - we are a family based British fitness company that is is focused on selling good quality fitness equipment at an affordable price, we are fitness professionals at fitnesshealth and we use these items in training so we know these items workout.