Laying Cycling Floor Ab Oblique Core Exercise - Presents Oblique Ab Exercise - Laying Floor Cycling.

Great core exercise that incorporates all the abdominal muscles during movement.




Muscles; Oblique’s, hip flexors and abdominals 


This is an advanced floor exercise and is only ideal for people with a high level of fitness.

Exercise directions

1. Start from the laying position, put your fingers just behind your ears, and keep your fingers touching your head throughout the exercise. Raise your legs so your thighs are perpendicular and not touching the floor.

2. Curl up and bring your left elbow towards your right knee. Then repeat the exercise so your right elbow moves toward your left knee. It is important when making the movement that you rotate your shoulder across and squeeze your abs when switching legs.

Make sure that the movement is slow and controlled

Don’t hold your head with your hands, only touch the sides of your head with your fingers

1 rep = 2 movements. Connecting the elbows with your knees both left and right sides.


6-8 Beginner

12-20 Intermediate

30 Advanced


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